Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just call me a monkey's uncle....

I made it through to the next round on Project Scrap-Away!!! I was shocked, seriously shocked. This was the one round where I doubted what I did would be even close to good enough and was floored to have made it through. Don't get me wrong I love my creation and think it is worthy but seeing all the other creations and knowing that these ladies are so talented with scissors and craft I felt out of my league on this one. My scrapping is so different to all the other entrants that I felt intimidated, so am grateful for the opportunity to go on to the next round and wish Felicia all the best, because I have admired her work for a while now and she has amazing abilities to create. So this round we had to take one of our first layouts and re-create it. You can see all the layouts for Round #9 here and here is mine

This is the old layout I chose to re-create

and here is the new page

And then this is the other page I created but didn't submit

So with my sigh of relief I await the challenge for Round 10, we are now down to six entrants so the end isn't far away. My understanding of it all is that the final 3 have all their work, for the competition, shown to a group of judges, the lovely people who are on the sidebar of the Project Scrap-Away blog, and the winner will be chosen from that. So again would love your help in blogging for immunity, see here for more on that :) Thank you for those that continue to support me on this adventure and a big shout out to Allison for, again, believing in me when I did not :)

Righto then on to today....

Was another cold start to the day, but drier then yesterday.

Megan in her new school winter pants

and Megan brought home a friend from school today.

He is yet to have a name

but they enjoyed playing for a while

I just love the detail, his soccer boots are cool, but you can't see them in the photos lol!

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  1. You're awesome!! Congratulations :)


  2. Well done Sharmine. I liked your LO, nice and bright! Mine was very dull in comparision to everyone elses! All the best ... I'm interested to see what the next challenge is too - they seem to be getting harder (well to me they are!)

  3. Sorry spelt your name wrong! Apologies.

  4. thanks for mentioning me in your blog.. *hugs* to you sharmaine.. i'll be rooting for you all the way!! just do like what you always do.. you are great because you do what you do well and because you are different from the rest! all the best sharmaine! will leave comments on your blog and blog about you for the next round! :)

  5. Your doing awesome!
    Great LO's!
    I blogged about you today!

  6. CONGRATS on another round, Sharmaine!!!!! You deserve this!!! I love what you did with re-creating your own LO. Always love to see what comes from that creative mind of yours!!!


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