Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bikes, Bubbles and a Bright New Postal Van

It was a 'my type of weather' kind of day today!! The sun was out, blue skies, not too hot, not too cold, slight breeze that was just right.... ahhhh! So we stayed and played outside most of the day, on and off. While I put the washing out Elizabeth and Lucy played on their bikes. I was VERY impressed with Elizabeth who just hopped on Megan's old bike, with training wheels attached again, and off she went. This is a first that made me smile!! Normally she would get on Jessica's old bike, which is smaller, and grumble about not being able to 'go'. Today she was off!!!

Then in the afternoon, as I got the washing back in, they played with bubbles.

This photo made me laugh, love the line of spray as Elizabeth blew the bubbles.

I tired to get a shot, from above, with the bubbles coming at me, I wasn't successful but going to try that again, maybe tomorrow as another fine day is expected.

Love this shot of Lucy, she was watching the bubbles float away and laughing as they flew away.

Through the day a Bright and shiny postal van arrived. I went to the door saying 'we were admiring your new van' he said he had only just got it. NOICE!!! Later wished I had taken a photo lol. He had arrived with this

A Scenic Route prize pack I had won from Layle's blog. If you haven't found her blog yet it is worth going to, and often!! She has the bestest giveaways, and I ain't saying that cos its Scenic Route but that is a big plus lol

The entries for Challenge 13, the finale, of Project Scrap-Away close tonight. I emailed mine in on Tuesday, after finishing them off on the weekend. Can't wait to see the gallery and the winner is meant to be announced first week of September. Don't know if that means next week or quite what so stay tuned lol. Will show you all the things I made, for the final round, in my post tomorrow and will also announce the winner of the RAK. No one guessed correctly so everyone who commented with a guess will be in the draw.
Roll on September... Lots of good stuff happening, lots of news to share... Grandma, 10 sleeps to go!! OH MY only 10!!!!! lol
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  1. fingers crossed, gud thots being thunk!

    and the winner is...


    power of positive thinking, ya know!!!

    I love bubbles too! they're so much fun and colorful too!!!

  2. Your weather sounds so wonderful! It is gray and raining here today. Not the best, esp with winter fast approaching. Loved your pictures of the girls and I like the idea of taking the picture with her blowing the bubbles up towards you :)

  3. those pictures are so sweet! and i'm loving that big book of paper... have fun with that! :D


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