Monday, August 18, 2008

Can I have mine sugar coated please....

Long day, busy day, draining day, sick of whingy kids day but it started looking like this...

Jessica stayed home today, she has a runny nose and the croaky voice thing happening. Sadly it wasn't a stay at home and rest day, poor tyke. After dropping Megan and Elizabeth off at school we headed to the bank, the post office and then the fruit shop. Home to tackle the washing before morning tea. While we were at the post office I spied a craft kit that had been reduced so we grabbed that for Jessica, a wiggle colour in pack for Elizabeth and Lucy and an electronic game for Megan, then noone was left out lol. Jessica spent the time after morning tea engrossed in glue and crafty things, in her element!!

she made a mermaid
Lucy enjoyed colouring in while Jessica got crafty.

So while they did that I made a pile of sandwiches for lunch, then we jumped in the van and picked up Elizabeth early from kindergarten. Headed, from there, to the airport to get Mum and Dad. The girls were thrilled to see them, Elizabeth had made them a drawing each, and we ate lunch as we drove back to their place. Spent a little time there before coming back to school to get Megan. Home after that to find the parcel man had called so when Dave got home I jumped back in the van and went to the post office. It was my first My Sweet Spuds kit and I was sooooooo happy to get it! Now to find time to scrap using it lol I also had my passport photos taken at the post office so that was another thing crossed off the to-do list!! Marriage Certificate is the next thing on the list and that will be underway tomorrow, if all goes to plan lol.

Mum and Dad are planning on being home at least 2 weeks as my brother, the one who they left the Ute with, is away working for 2 weeks. So we might just get to see Mum and Dad when we are over visiting Dave's mum, maybe.

Will leave you with this Oh-so-sweet shot of Little Miss Butter-wouldn't-melt-and-whose-mother-is-looking-forward-to-her-not-being-three-cos-being-three-is-such-a-hard-time-for-mothers, sigh lol.

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  1. Hee hee your little one is so cute (and she looks cheeky!) :-)

  2. love her Little Mermaid! she's so Pretty :)

    have a Great Week Sharmaine :)

  3. grandma9:00 AM

    hope Jessica is feeling better today. Love all the photos and the ones taken in Lauceston,

  4. Hi Sharmaine.
    I haven't been on the computer much lately. I'd been sick and then back home to visit my family.

    I'm sorry to hear about your uncle.

    The girls are definitely taking after their mom. That was such a cute mermaid Jessica made. Hope she feels better soon.

    Hope your week slow down a bit.
    Have a good one.

  5. Sheeez Sharmaine I'm exhausted just reading this! Hope you get some "me" time sometime soon girl! Maybe you need a trip to Brisbane?!?!?

  6. oh my gosh...jessica is so adorable! & so is little miss..oh she would get lollies all :)

    have fun w/ your new kit my dear!



  7. Jessica........... LOVE your mermaid!!! So gorgeous! What a clever little Vegemite you are.


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