Friday, August 29, 2008

You feeling lucky??

Three posts in one day!!!

Just had to post about our day, seeing as the other posts where ummm housework lol

Today was another bike and bubble day with some baking thrown in.

But the day started with fairies... Today was 'F' Day at school. It was free dress with a 'f' theme and the kids had to take along something for the Father's Day stall, hence the f lol. So Megan and Jessica decided, after looooong deliberation, that they would go as Fairies.

Last night Dave and I were talking about Elizabeth mastering the bike yesterday and Dave said that Lucy might be able to use Jessica's old bike. So today we gave it a go and she just jumped on and away she went, in try Lucy style.. FAST!! She loved crashing into things, flying around in a circle and even figured out how to go backwards!!!

and yes that is a fairy skirt she is wearing as she rides...

Made me feel a little sad watching them both zooming around on the bikes. Means another milestone has been reached and soon we won't have a need for tricycles and 'baby' bikes. But it also makes me smile knowing that one day we will be able to go for bike rides together.

Elizabeth, Lucy and I made some choc chip cookies today. They loved helping and then loved eating lol

and after some biscuit munching we made some time for some more bubble blowing

The last soccer Saturday for the year tomorrow. Megan's game is at 9am and then the girls are all going for a sleep over at Mum and Dad's. Mum and Dad fly back up to Townsville next week so it will be their last chance for a while.
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  1. grandma9:23 AM

    8 to go!!!!!

  2. Hi Sharmaine!
    Your girls are so cute in their fairy outfits! I love to do bubble blowing with my cats!

    I gave you a "Blogging Friends Forever" Award on my blog, and I tagged you for some questions! Come on over to see!



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