Monday, October 20, 2008

Who Messed With My Monday??

It's gone...
All gone...
Who did that??
Why did they do that??
All gone...
Notice I didn't say where has it gone?? That is because I know where it went, I know where it all went!!!

This morning we, Lucy and I, visited my Great Aunt, ended up there all morning as she wasn't well. Mum arrived about an hour after we got there, as they had rang her after they rang the doctor. So Mum was still there when we left, with still no word from the doctor.
Home for lunch and to hang out the 2 loads of washing that were patiently waiting for me ;)

Had to snap this photo, it isn't a great one but the moment was. Elizabeth and Lucy playing 'in the car'. Lucy was driving but the plastic golf club is the gear stick and that's over near Elizabeth who was talking on the mobile phone. Lucy is going through her hand bag while trying to keep on her head scarf. See their baby in the middle? I wonder what she was thinking ;)

Did find time to do some of this, just because I could and wanted to :)

I am really liking close ups, can you tell?

I really like how the lines on the paper shows through the glimmer mist

Used a paper doily as a mask for the blue glimmer mist

Then felt like a change so went for a 8.5x11 page :)

Tomorrow I REALLY need to pack some bags, starting with the girls before I start on one for Dave and I! Dave's Dad is meant to be staying here tomorrow night and have some running around to do, so the day is filled before it even starts :)
48 hours and Dave and I will be on the plane to New Zealand!
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  1. Love the colours you used on these layouts. Have a great time away- enjoy!!

  2. Beautiful layouts Sharmaine!!!

    have you started packing yet? have a Great Time in NZ! :)

  3. Hi Sharmaine,
    Your layouts are Fabulously done! Your idea to use glimmer mist through a doily is very interesting. I might try it whenever i find Glimmer Mist...the texture it adds is nice, especially without the bulk of some of the things i
    Have a great day!

  4. Hahahah i feel ya about the monday thing! UGH time flys! Great pages!


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