Saturday, November 22, 2008

He Bought Us A Wombat!

Yep, meet our wombat :)
Thursday our van started making noises, hinting it was in need of some sort of repair.
Dave's car is well past it and we have been talking about getting a second van. So today was the day, he took in his car and traded it in and came home with our preowned wombat.
Thankful for the extra we have been repaying on our home loan.
Thankful for our bank being open on a Saturday.
Thankful for the car sales man giving Dave something for his car, we thought we wouldn't get anything lol
Thankful for a car yard that even had a van, seems they are a rare find!!
Thankful for a new car, with enough seats for all of us, and not having to figure out how we get all of us from A to B.

Apart from the ummm excitement of a new car the day was spent around home. I scrapped this page of Dave aged almost 2.

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  1. Allison :-)7:25 PM

    Love your new wheels ;) Looking forward to a ride. Red goes faster LOL can't wait to see how fast hee hee

  2. yay for WOMBATS and yay for cute LOs of Dave!!! he's definitely a keeper!!!

    happy weekend, Grrl!!!

  3. Wonderful blog story today. Congrats on getting a Wombat, love it!!
    Your lo is awesome!! Tell Dave I say "he is a great man"!!! Along the line of my Dan!!

    Have a most fab day!!

  4. Congrats on the new vehicle!! it's cute!

  5. I so love the van, oh sorry wombat!! I so want one. You would have to be happy with that :)


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