Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Whack Load of photos :)

that will hopefully help me to remember what we have been up to!!
Saturday it rained ALL DAY so the afternoon we spent making Christmas cards, as I had promised Megan and Jessica we would. We made well over 50, as Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth wrote one for each person + Teachers in their class and Lucy wrote 5. We used scraps and made them basic so we could spit out such a huge amount. I think they turned out ok :)

Today we were on carpark at Church, just waving hello as people arrive and directing them to car spaces. So this morning the girls wore their Christmas T-shirts which meant I got to take some Christmas snaps. I don't do this for any other reason than having photos of each of them from this time of year and if I get a good one then YAY I get to scrap it lol so the girls just sit near the tree, doing whatever and I snap... meant to be no pressure but it doesn't always feel that way but they are 'real', hopefully a glimpse into their personality at this time of year, so that's what counts :)

This year I also took photos of all of us, thankful for the camera timer ;)
This afternoon we headed outside so Dave could take the training wheels and pedals off Lucy and Elizabeth's bikes. Elizabeth's physio had suggested doing this as it was a better way for kids to learn to ride as they develop their own balance rather than relying on the training wheels. So today Elizabeth tried for the first time, and we will keep trying and see how it goes. So here she is 'gliding'

and here is baby reindeer Lucy, she kept these ears on all day, they used to have antlers but they were busted off last year.

Megan had some roller blading fun

while Jessica scooter-ed and Dave tried to hitch a ride!! as you can see our Santa has changed positions, his boots kept falling off where he was so he is now climbing our wall.

And that folks, was our weekend :)
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  1. Wow ... what an awesome card making session! They look fantastic.
    Cute pics too of the girls in their Christmas headgear and of the whole family too :)

  2. Hi Sharmaine, how are you??

    beautiful shots of the girls and yourself.:)

    and i love the december pages too!

  3. Hey Merry Christmas from me all the way over here!
    Check out Dave and Megan in the family photo, they have on exactly the same smile!
    Happy Wishes


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