Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally A Taste Of Summer!!

Summer here, in Tasmania, has been VERY unseasonably cool. Today we finally broke through the 30's and summer graced us with a hot day.

I hope for more, purely so our apricots ripen up lol Last year we had our first apricots on the 5th and here we are on the 13th and they are nowhere near ripe! Speaking of garden, plants and growth I took this shot of part of our garden today.

I hope to retake this photo in a month to see the changes. This little patch contains lettuces, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, capsicum, chives and leeks. Hopefully they will all survive and grow.
This morning, before it got too hot, Dave, the girls and I went to the Tip Shop. Have a few things floating around my head and wanted to see if there was anything worthwhile at the tip shop. I found a few 'treasures'.

2 dymos (is it an obsession yet??), a bingo game with loads of bingo cards, a checker board, a bag of coasters and some measuring tapes
Happy with this lot for $10! And the bigger Dymo takes 2 different sizes of tape AND has a detachable font disc, just in case I ever find smaller tape and more discs LOL
The rest of our day was filled inside out of the heat. Lots of reading and playing and some creating...

Tomorrow we are cleaning up around home, in preparation of Grandma's visit next week YIPEE!!!
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