Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thursday I Adored Thee



* A visit from a friend

* My new magnet board that Dave bought me, while I was away, it was 1/2 price!
* A neighbour who gave us some lettuce seedlings

* A parcel from the lovely Phinner, for my birthday, THANK YOU LINDA!! what a lovely surprise, lots of Ohh-ing and ahh-ing

* A husband who lets me takes photos, and this one makes my heart beat faster!

These are just some of the reasons why today was a great day :)

Also a good laugh makes me feel happy and this little chicky told us today that she wants to be a Mummy so she can kiss santa :)

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  1. Love your glimpse at Thursday - Sharmaine. love your blog full stop.

  2. Allison :-)10:23 PM

    Lu lu looks so grown up with her piggy tales.....Love you miss Lucy Goose!!!
    The magnetic board is excellant and your present looks divine!!!

  3. Well yeah,that sounds great!What a perfect hubby!Brought you a new magnet board and let you take these handsome pictures ;)

    Your girl is too cute!Gotta scrap that :D

    (p.s.Love the heart jeans!!)

  4. :) I like kissing Santa.. the girl has a point! and that is a great of your dh. I love the sepia tone.


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