Monday, February 16, 2009

Zippity Doooo It's Monday

But first this, that I spied last night as I was going to bed, from Miss Megan...

Today Lucy and I went to the library, dropping of the old and finding some new.
Then we came home and immersed ourselves in them

Elizabeth had appointments for both Occupational Therapy and Physio this afternoon. We had dropped everyone else off with Dave and Elizabeth and I got home just as Dave was serving up dinner. She went well with both appointments but you could tell she was tired as she didn't want to sit still and had a very low concentration span. More things to do at home before we go back again in a month.
Received some goodies from Love Scrappin' today and just had to play. Love the new Bazzill paper, dotted swiss texture. Is very yum and feels great to play with. Pulled out some paints and viola

All the girls start swimming tomorrow. Megan has been moved up a couple of levels, Jessica up one and it's Elizabeth and Lucy's first time. Lucy isn't overly keen on it because she doesn't like to lie on her back in the bath so we will see how it all goes.
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  1. ohhh love your layout!!

  2. That layout is YUMMY!~

  3. Love the color combination, your technique is great! enjoy the swimming sessions!

  4. The colors you used are wonderful. Sounds like a busy day!


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