Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Blog-Birthday To Me!!

Yup today my little ol' blog turned 3!!! Who would have thought lol
This last week has been hectic and so the blog has been very neglected.
But this is your last chance to enter to win a box full of wonderful things.
Was going to take photos of what it will contain, but life just hasn't let me get organized enough.
So will do a drawing soon, you better leave a comment so you get the chance to win!!
Today has been just another day of busy stuffs, dropped the girls off at school then had a Learning Ladder party first thing, when everyone left I quickly made Lucy's lunch which she ate and then we went to watch Megan in the athletics carnival for school. Got there just in time to watch her last event, the relay. Her team came first and she also came equal 4th in one race, with 2 other people, and last in the other 2 races. She has moved up divisions so I think did really well.
From there Lucy and I dashed into town to run an errand... hmmm saying errand makes me feel very ummm Mummy-ish lol. had to wait 15 minutes to see someone, which was a bit of a shock. we got number 159 and it was only at 143 when we got there! After that I took Lucy for a much deserved baby-cino, yes Dave we had one!, and I a caramel latte. From there it was up to school to pick up the girls, on to swimming and then home for dinner and bed. Dave is away tonight, up on the North West Coast, so its been a long day and hoping for some GOOD sleep and a slower day tomorrow :)
Will leave you with this site that I just found, thanks to facebook and their ads lol. Hipe has deco tape. So if your a Hello Kitty fan, which I'm not but I was excited to find a deco tape stockist within Australia, or you like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy or other related characters go check them out. $1.60 a roll and postage is 'normal' rather than inflated.

Ok so don't forget to leave a comment to win a prize, will be back soon to tell you who won and hopefully have something other than 'i'm busy' to tell you :)
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  1. Happy blog birthday!!!! :)

  2. HAPPY HAPPY blogday!!

    Lou :)

  3. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Happy Blog Birthday! Love your work.

    fulltime mom

  4. Happy 3-year-blog birthday!! :)

  5. Happy birthday. I knew I was a mommy when I started hearing my son say, "are we going on errands?" LOL
    Welcome to the club.

  6. Wow! Happy Birthday Blog! I love reading your blog daily, although I don't comment daily. You have have great ideas and lend so much inspiration and joy. I hope the year to come is just as excellent and more so :)

  7. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY my DEAR, SWEET Sharmaine!!!!! your day sounds BUSY.....and thanks soooooooooooooo MUCH for the linky!!!!! VERY COOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. Happy BLOG Birthday to youuuu!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Blog Sharmaine. Just want to say, that I love reading your blog - love the inspiration and love the everyday things you share = hope that today is a bit slower for you too.

  10. Happy Blogday, Sharmaine! I haven't had the chance to visit for awhile, and now that I have read through your recent posts, I'm full of inspiration! Where's my paper? :):):)


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