Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Today the Sky

looked like this

but then turned very grey and it's been cold and sometimes wet since.
4 days into Autumn and Summer never really graced us with much oomph at all.

It reminded me of this photo, that I pulled out to play with,

returning to some faves so I could play and not think :)
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  1. & i have a beautiful sharmaine sky photo that i see everyday & smile :)

    & i was just on another blog & saw your comment...& was reminded how wonderful you are



  2. Ah summer, we still have few months until it comes...If you want some summer come see us in July...You will be glad for your Autumn and winter for sure.

    Hope you had a great day playing.

  3. Oh, how I love a blue sky!

  4. aaaah! I LOVE the cardboard! so cute! Clouds are so inspiring right now I just want to paint some!

  5. the reverse of your seasons is always so odd to me...i'm so excited about the first signs so spring, and here you are looking at autumn...(-:

  6. hi sweets
    i won't even tell you what the temperature was here today in west Texas. it is really kinda crazy! it makes me wonder just how hot it's going to get here this summer.

    i love your scrap pages. and i absolutely positively love the OLW canvas. if you're interested in selling it let me know.

    those aprons are so fabulous. i love aprons too. they just give me a warm fuzzy feeling. i have one that was my grandma's too. it's very special to me. the girls will always cherish theirs.


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