Tuesday, April 07, 2009

He Came Home For Kisses

TWICE :) Just because he was passing through and because he could :) Was nice to see him, even if it was only for a second or two.

Today I didn't have it in mind to bake but baking is what I did, primarily because we have nothing for school lunch boxes.
Made a batch of choc chip cookies, a fudge cake, some botched up brownies and some soup.

The Fudge Cake recipe I will add here if it turns out ok. It was meant to take 25 minutes to cook but our oven can be super slow and it took almost an hour, still seems moist but will find out when I cut it tomorrow for school lunches.

I haven't made brownies before but there was a recipe on the cocoa tin so I used the last of the cocoa and made a batch. For whatever reason, being that the oven was slow and I only had 1/2 cup of cocoa left instead of the 1 cup that was needed, they didn't turn out so well. The top went all crusty so I cracked that off and the under layer was still uncooked so I put that back in and waited till it was done. I think the girls will still like it. I cut it up and it's now in bags in the freezer ready for lunch boxes. If I ever make them again, and the recipe is more successful, I will also add that here. Oh and the top layer that I cracked off... it went into icecream for tonight's dessert for the girls, they liked A LOT lol
Yesterday I had found one of our leeks, we had 3, had been blown over in the wind. So today I made a sweet potato and leek soup. I love a chunky soup, something to stick to the bread rather than made the bread go soggy. So this soup was perfect and has gone into the fridge for the rest of the week.
Today was the last of the girls swimming lessons for this 'swim term'. We couldn't get sessions for the next lot so we will be trying to rebook again once enrolments open in May. All of the girls have done really well and its marvellous to see how far they have come.
Scrapped this page this afternoon
Used the Fiskars punch with the yellow Sass Lass paper to make the sticker look like a journal block with a scalloped edge.
And that, my friends, is that :)
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  1. that soup looks marvelous and I know of a REALLY good brownie recipe... its Steph's recipe and she posted it on her blog here:


    I tried them and they were marvelous... and made them myself once!

  2. you are quite spoiled. quite!

    : .)

    oh happy day!!!

    hugs to you!


  3. All your eats sounds delish! I love sweet potato, but have never put it in a soup.. Interesting. I love them as fries instead of white potatoes :)

  4. WOW, I love the colors of your Layout! Wonderful...

  5. hello friend!
    thanks for the encouragement on my art journal. i have to say that the big white canvas is a LOT daunting, but Claudine H. is right. once i got started there were so many ideas in head i wanted to try. so FUN. i can't wait to see more of yours. you are so inspiring.
    i was going to say that the crusty part of the brownies is my fave. hehe
    so glad the girls enjoyed that.
    the soup looks yummy too.
    what a great idea to punch out a scallop. very cool. love the page.
    i hope you're having a great week. can you believe it's already Wednesday. crazy huh?
    love ya

  6. The soup looks sooo yummy!!!
    Love that layout too!!

  7. oooh i love a good hearty soup! & yours looks delish!
    & as for brownies...as far as i'm concerned you just can't mess up chocolate...it's impossible...lol

    love the layout! that little homemade journaling spot is perfect! what a great idea!!!



  8. i LOVE the name of your blog! totally fun! and the soup looks yummy! fun layout too :)

  9. yummy. That soup looks so delicious, and pretty to! Love your blog Sharmaine, it's like a nice fortifying cuppa tea.

  10. yummers!!! i love that page too - so much colour!! have a great weekend!!!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Wonderful works of edible art, yummy pics also!! ha ha! I love the lo...lifting it ♥
    thanks for the inspiration as always.



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