Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day No. 10

Yesterday had me thinking about how it was the tenth time I had celebrated being a mother on Mother's day.
Day started early, like most others lol, and I was given...
Let me see if I get the list right
Megan: a box of fudge, bookmark, coathangers and photo album
Jessica: cup full of lollies, bedsocks, bookmark, card, paper airplane and a packet of punched tags.
Elizabeth: cup full of lollies, cookbook, bookmark and finger painted card.
Lucy: White Freddo Frog
Dave: CD.
Think I got everyone lol
After Church a friend wanted to take the girls for a walk (????) they returned after a trip to the bakery where they got to choose something for me, chocolate eclair and cheese cake slice AND...
For dinner Dave took us out. We tried 2 places, one was full till 8.30 and the other didn't open till later, so we ended up at the Pizza Hut, with shouts of YAY from the back seats of the van!

and as always, Elizabeth's face just sums up the night nicely :)

Yep Number 10 was just as good as number 1 but with extra cuddles to help celebrate being a Mum :)
The day made me miss my mum and sister and our nieces, but glad that they got to have the day together.
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  1. LOVE the CAKE...and wish I woulda gotten pizza hut!! LOL! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Happy mothers day....and I love the cake. Mika (

  3. Yummo cake and Pizza Hut ROCKS!!!! happy Monday!

  4. I'm a little late but Happy Mother's Day Sharmaine! Glad you had a good day with loads of gifts and hugs!


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