Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No Plans Is The Best Plan

Yesterday I had in mind all the things I wanted to do.
Didn't happen lol
The day started out and I could feel myself getting cross.
That changed.
Elizabeth has started getting upset when I leave her at school. We went through this last year, not just at school but also small things like me going to the supermarket and leaving her home with everyone else. Anyway from time to time it surfaces again and yesterday was one of these occasions. She just wouldn't let me go and you could see her starting to get worked up. I left after the bell went with Lucy throwing a wobbly at me at the Fruit Shop "I HATE GRAPES" at the top of her voice as she kicks the trolley. I just laugh. I know she loves grapes ;)
Got home to find the garbage truck had been and had left a trail from our upturned rubbish bin down the road. I picked up what I could and then got the broom and swept up, felt silly sweeping and scooping up paper from the drain...
Came inside and started on the list that I had made, of people I needed to ring for appointments etc. Got through the first call and there was a missed call message on the phone. Was a friend who I hadn't seen in a long time. I rang her straight back and so glad i did. She, and her little boy, came for a visit and turned my day right around. LOVE THAT! and am grateful for the change to my day.
So that was my yesterday.
My today...
Elizabeth didn't want me to leave again.
Her teacher was sick and they had a relief teacher, a male teacher which was a first for most of the kids.
In her class there are identical twin boys who have also been going through a separation ceremony, as I call it lol, but much worse than Elizabeth. Someone went and told them their teacher was sick and my goodness the poor kids just broke! So I felt sorry for the teacher and stayed till almost 10am. I sat down with Elizabeth and one of the twins moved over next to me and eventually stopped sobbing and all was good :)

So glad that my day is one that evolves. I don't get stressed when the day doesn't go as I expected. When things come up I put off today what I can do tomorrow because there are more important things to do. I love that I am able to be a stay at home Mum and can cope with hectic as well as slow. I am glad that time isn't always my own and that I can change my day as need be.
So today Lucy and I came home and spent some time enjoying the sunshine.
Planted some seeds in the garden.

lettuce, peas (although it's a little early to plant them here so I put them behind the glass so they would be warmer HOPEFULLY), and some flowers Aquilegia and Snap Dragons. Want to get some sweet pea seed to plant, note to self to remember ;)

Lucy enjoyed the sun too

making a smiley face with her sultanas :)

I also pulled a little time my way and made this page of Jessica

Trying some new things

Had cut this flower from a t-shirt that the girls had out grown and that was too old to pass on to anyone

and a little smiggle clip to finish it off :)
On this layout I used some of the new Basic Grey Lime Rickey paper, October Afternoon paper, Hambly overlay and some of the new Kaiser Craft felt alphas, all of these are from Love Scrappin'
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  1. Lucy is the SMARTEST girl I have ever met....SMILEY FACES are the BEST! :):):):):):):) Sorry your day didn't go as planned....but U are right...we have to let these kinda days go.....LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the LO! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. you've got lovely Girls!!!

    that Sport Day layout is so cool :)

  3. Sharmaine, I love coming and reading your blog - it is such a breath of fresh air - always inspires me- love your take on life and my I love the photo of your smiley face. have a great tomorrow.

  4. Oh yes, my kids have had those separation ceremonies before, so I completely relate to you and the twin boys! I like your attitude Shermaine! Thanks for stopping by the other day by my blog! Have a lovely day!

  5. THis is such a beautiful post Sharmaine.... I so get what you are saying and I feel grateful I can do the same.

    Rarely do my days ever pan out as I anticipate... especially if you really want them too... so I have learnt not to do that.

    With B3 only weeks away... I may bookmark this to come back to LOL.

    As always your layouts are fab!


  6. Wonderful color scheme on your lo! Love it!
    Planting of our garden won't come for a few weeks yet! We usually buy small plants. may try some seeds this year, since seeing yours here...hmmmm.

    Have a scrapdelicious day!

  7. love that layout Sharmaine :)


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