Sunday, September 27, 2009

Slacking on Saturday

After staying bed till after 9am, staying in my PJs till after 11am it was time to stop being a slacker as we headed out the door for Megan’s end of season soccer presentation BBQ

We enjoyed being outside, dodging muddy puddles

We enjoyed the sunshine, after all the rain we have had

We enjoyed a parents v kids soccer game, which I got in trouble for because I stood on the sideline with my camera… what can I say… I was tired and I know if I was in the thick of the game I would have been the first to body plant in the middle of the huge puddle of mud that was right near where they played!

When the game was over and everyone had retreated for drink I stayed and enjoyed the daisies :)

Overnight we have had MUCH rain, so much that this was in our front yard this morning

Its been pouring and gusty most of the day, Dave looked like Bill and Ben the flowerpot men as he wore a bucket on his head for our turn at car park while at church this morning! Made a lot of people smile :)

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  1. You weren't the only slacker yesterday Sharmaine. Think I spent most of my day in PJ's too. Looking forward though to hopefully getting out of the house a bit this week though.

  2. Oh the pics are stunning and being a slacker is a GOOD THING!!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day!!! :)

  3. LOVING the photos....and LOVING her trophy! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Super fantastic photos! I was a slacker in the evening...sometimes one needs to slack! LOL :)

  5. Awesome to see you back on...your photogs are beautiful and loving the layout. Great idea for glimmermyst storage...i like it! Of course I have not the stores of GM you do, but I have a few ~;O)
    Have a good day ~:O)

  6. I love love love daisies in the grass - they remind me of my childhood in England.


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