Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Do You Tame Lions???

Watched Spicks and Specks tonight and WOW Megan Washington has an amazing voice!
Just thought i’d tell you that :)

Finally made this page today, it’s been waiting, nagging me, since her swim carnival


Glad I added her ribbons to the page, because every other year she has kept them and they could be ANYWHERE now and this way I know where they are and so will she in years to come


and the journaling :)


Tonight Megan’s Guide group held a disco for Jessica’s group
They had to dress up as something beginning with G or U or I or D or E or S (as in GUIDES)
So Megan decided she would go as a Girly Girl, because she didn’t want to go as a girl… go figure…
And Jessica went as a Witch, Izzy the Witch cos that starts with I and she could ???
So dress up they did and off they went for a fun time :)

Tonight we have Dave’s Dad, aka Opa, staying with us
Tomorrow is show day , so a public holiday, YAY
Friday is a student free day, YAY
And Dave has those days off too, BIGGER YAY :)

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  1. loveeeeeeeeeeeee the lo....awesome idea to add the ribbons!!!! loveeeeeeeeeeee the photo too....sounds like u have a good rest of the week coming your way! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. great idea with the ribbons Sharmaine-I wish I had saved some because you are right, they could be ANYwhere! enjoy the rest of your week-I love days off to :)


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