Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Want A Snowman In My Kitchen


Today Dave started putting up the Christmas lights
This fellow was near the hotplates for a while
He is now residing in the bathroom
Dave does things like that

Today it’s rained most of the day
Which is good for the garden
But if you were camping
In a tent
It wouldn’t be so good
And guess what Megan is doing this weekend??!!!


And in tents


Looking forward to the stories she will tell us when we pick her up tomorrow :)

Yesterday was a long day
With Lucy sick and on the couch all day and then I had Elizabeth to the Doctor with a perforated eardrum
So she is back on antibiotics, sigh :)
Thankful that Dave was able to get Megan and Jessica from school :)
Also yesterday I received these yummies that I purchase from Lilredrocket on Etsy


I bought two packs, the 5 on the left are “It’s a Mixed Bag” and the 5 on the right are “Brights Mix”

and as her very first customer she also sent me these, from Sweetvintage78 and she didn’t even know I had been admiring Jodi’s doilies for a long time!!!


Thanks Michelle, fabulous transaction :)
**ETA** I just spied that Michelle has a giveaway, for some of her gorgeous buttons
Go here to win, it’s open till Tuesday 8th Dec

Today we had to go to the supermarket so we decided to stop in to see Santa and get Lucy used to the idea of seeing him
She still freaks out a little and won’t go alone AND won’t go near him
So we are slowly acclimatizing her to the idea :)
They had big signs up, for the first time, saying you couldn’t video or take photos of your kids with Santa
Think that’s sad, I get it, but I think it’s sad because a posed picture with Santa only tells part of the story and the shots I wanted to take today were going to be of Lucy and what it takes for her to see Santa, rather than the whole knee sitting photo
Oh well :)
While we were out Dave shouted us girls to a coffee/minicino
Elizabeth and Lucy had a caramel flavoured one, with chocolate on top
Jessica opted for Strawberry with multi sprinkles on top
Very festive :)


They were each given some reindeer antlers from Santa and wore them while they drank


except Jessica, think she was thinking she was too old
Elizabeth’s kept falling off, because of her pig tails
So I wore it
Upside down
and then back the front
Think that made Jessica think I was too old to be doing stuff like that
But I do do things like that
Just ask anyone who knows me
and they will just shake their head and agree :)

We put up our advent calendar last weekend


and today I got some smiles when I added the chocolate Santas
Ready for Tuesday :) :)


In other Christmas type things I finished off Dave’s Mum’s present yesterday
You can go look, but Grandma you can’t!!!
and I will know if you do!!
So anyone who wants to look at what I made her you can see it by clicking on Grandma’s Christmas Present
But if you are Grandma don’t you dare click that link or I will know and you will be in trouble
You hear me Grandma??
But Grandma you can keep looking at the other things I made today :)

The day 2 challenge, for the 12 Days of Christmas challenge, at was to “find something to recycle and use as packing for a Christmas gift”
So I used the packaging from the Christmas stocking, that the girls got at Dave’s work BBQ, that was filled with chocolate
Filled it with lollipops and stitched it closed with some red ric rac


easy :)
And while I was reusing packaging etc
I made this journal


filled it with other scrap papers, including the paper from some business envelopes


and I think I will wrap it up and put it under the tree for Megan
I think

and I think that is everything :)
and I think I'm out of here :)


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  1. Im so glad you like them Sharmaine. Thanks for being my first customer and thanks for the plug.x

  2. Loved this sorry the girls are not feeling well!!!

    Hope the tent did not take on rain!!!!

    I alsways adore all of your fun photos and I adore the Advent Calendar!!!

    Wishing you a wonderfuld day!!! :-)

  3. So much inspiration!!! I started saving my envelopes once I saw you using them from a previous post. Thanks so much for the idea. I'm taking an online class coming up and she also told us to start saving the envelopes we will be using them in our journal. Hugs

  4. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos and i hope that the kiddos get better soon! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. I hope your sickies get well soon!

    tell Dave he's inspired me to get out the xmas decor and decorate!

    always love your work!

    over and out, Doily Pusher!!! (yes, the budget isn't handling craft supplies right now, but I had to go support HANDMADE!!! LOL!!!) can't wait to see what you come up with using 'em!

    my word veri is "gersh" as in "oh my gersh, did I just buy more craft supplies?!" hee!


  6. Grandma3:11 PM

    how do you expect me to NOT look at my present!!!!! I will try to be good. Hope the girls are better very soon. 26 sleeps to go!!!

  7. fabulous etsy stuff!
    hope the rain didn't dampen the fun :)

  8. It's nice to have all the lights up even if it's in the bathroom! Nice job on getting your little girl exposed to different things and hope she will get over the phobia. Praying for speedy recovery to your girls and continue to be a fun loving mum!


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