Sunday, November 01, 2009

Remember This??


Beginning of October last year Stacy Julian offered up a challenge, to take some photos of your day and to add them to this little mini album
It was a present  to yourself, your present of now
That was my mini album, made last year

Well this year, at the beginning of October, she issued a new challenge
To take those same photos and make a layout about the images you captured and how things have changed
I had been waiting for this challenge, anticipating it and this month has been one of dramatic difference, as has this whole year, and while I was going to make this page at the beginning of the month, it had to wait till the end of the month, when I finally had the chance and motivation to sit and scrap the page.


The journaling around the photos talks about how things are different, how things are the same but this part just sums up all of that :)


Am thankful for Stacy’s challenge and the opportunity to document a day in my year and then to reflect upon it 12 months later. I think it’s something important, just like keeping a diary and looking back over all you have done, but I what I love the most, and encourage others to do, is to see the now, to realise it’s importance and to capture it, to be present in the present. Thank you Stacy for my present :)

And so my day today?? Capturing the moments today…

Megan enjoying the sunshine, a book and the trampoline


Oh how I remember those days!!

Elizabeth wrote this note this afternoon, off on her own

Proud of her writing, it’s neat and she is a good speller!

We went to a birthday party this afternoon

Dave and I left the girls there for an hour and had some needed ‘out’ time

Sorry Dave I did get a photo of you but you know I love you :) :)

Back to the party in time for cake


and to watch the birthday boy devour his piece :)

So that’s our day, and now off to do some devouring of my own, Dave just bought some curries :)

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  1. Oh how fantastic! Good for you for seeing it through, I'm jealous :)

  2. i like buying 2 caramelattes...

  3. Wow that project is just stunning!!! What a wonderful idea!!! Truly motivating too!
    Love your pics
    'ah, the thought of time out alone with dh'!!

  4. Well, what a wonderful idea. I love the layout of the photos and the way you masked the numbers and traced around them. The photo of the love birds with the coffee is perfect. It is nice to get away even if it is for a cuppa.

  5. *elmo* is my fave ever ever ever....i collect him even :):):):):):):):) loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo and the photos!!! gorgeous! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. great idea! love those coffee cups with the love birds!

  7. i didn't get to play last year.. what an awesome way to document our life. love your take, sweetie..

    ps : i want that ELMO cake. lol.

  8. i LOvE the layout. i love the masked numbers on it.
    that is an awesome project idea. i'm gonna try to remember that and do it for the new year.

    the coffee cups with the birds are so cute.

    Elizabeth is doing so great with her handwriting and her spelling. way to go.


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