Monday, January 25, 2010

I Want To Make Hay While The Sun Shines

The girls have spent the weekend at Mum and Dads
While Dave and I amused ourselves around home :)
They enjoyed themselves
And we did too  :)
Yesterday we awaited the phonecall to say they were about to start baling Dad’s hay
That was our cue to go help, oh and to get the girls :)


So some 895 bales or so later we finished off the day with a bbq
And after returning home late we had to wash some grubby girls and then ourselves to get rid of the i’ve-been'-in-the-hay-and-am-all-prickly feeling

So back to the weekend…
Dave and I spent time just hanging out
A bit of walking
A spot of Brunch, my favourite meal :)
Looking around
A spot of Brunch, my favourite meal :)
More chatting
Sleep ins, note the plural!
Rented a DVD and ate takeaway Chinese food
Dave mowed the lawns and took down the remaining Christmas lights
Buying caramelattes, note the plural!
Dave let me take a few photos
I scrapped


I made a rolled ribbon flower, after watching this video how to
And I found the stick pin that I lost a while back, so YAY


I dyed the flower ribbon with glimmer mist


and used some machine stitching for my journal lines


and to highlight the D for ummm Dave lol


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  1. I like the clever highlight of the "D".

  2. Oh for lovely weekends alone with hubby, very nice and rare. When School starts I will look forward to some time alone with hubby. Love the stitching on this page and of course the gorgeous flower.Belinda


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