Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nutella In The Microwave For 45 Seconds, On Medium, Makes A Yummy Choc Dip :)

As I was making this layout today
I was thinking that I should share a couple of tips with you
So I will :)
And hope you might learn something new
Or be reminded of a technique that you haven’t used in a while
Or none of the above but your happy to amuse me and read along lol
First up…
The layout :)


and the journaling


Ok now on to some tippy tip tips


see the heart??
It is an epoxy sticker
Instead of sticking it to my page I stuck pattern paper on the sticky bottom (insert giggle at sticky bottom)
I then cut off the excess paper
Used a nail emery board to sand back to the edge
Inked around the edge
added the heart pin
and there you go.. almost like new for old or something :)


Here is another one I made
A circle
But I cut this sucker in half, as I do :)
And see the pink pattern paper on top?
Was actually a paper pocket that I cut up
And the white doily/pink paper?
Was also a pocket/envelope
The bit seen below was the flap


and the little purple “happy”??
Also cut from one of those them there pockets :)
Love making something into something else
Love making things S..T..R..E..T..C..H!
Look at products and see them in a different way
Give them new life :)
All the papers, epoxy stickers etc are Grace Taylor products 
See the tag below?
It’s a sticker :)


Another quick tip…
When you use dymo tape add some double sided tape to stick it down
Why would you do that when the dymo tape is adhesive I hear you ask
Well you are right it is
The tape doesn’t stay sticky for long and because it is stored in a spiral it usually lifts from the page
So to stop all that happening a little piece of double sided tape goes a long way to making life a :) one :)

Ok that’s all
As you were lol

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  1. i second the dymo tip.. and yummy nutella! :P

  2. Very CUTE CUTE CUTE page and thanks for the tips! *love* :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. that's a great idea to use double stick tape under the dymo. did you use your cool label maker??? everytime I'm at Michaels (the craft store) and I see dymo, I think of you!

    love the LO. love the nails more!

    sticky bottom, sticky bottom...giggle!!!

  4. p.s. now I want nutella.


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