Tuesday, September 07, 2010

This Is What Holidays Are Made Of

*Meals in the slow cooker so I don’t have to rush around, at dinner time, and can enjoy TIME

*Spending time together and happy to do so

*Playing, lots and lots of playing

*Getting to do things that you can’t do when your at school. Like nail polished finger nails and some nail art

*Spending loads of time outside because the weather is just PERFECT!
*Sitting and enjoying the sunshine

That is just some of what holidays are made of :) :)
And here is something I just had to share
Elizabeth made this note holder for Dave’s Father’s Day present
It had to be pink, because of Dave’s allergy to pink ;)
But I happen to think this is the most gorgeous peg dog I have ever seen :)

I took full advantage of the girls being home and the sunshine today
Took a few photos and am hoping to get a little scrappy soon :)

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  1. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Hey there Sharmaine,

    Definitely LOVE the peg dog, I am a new follower and lover of your blog! I have added a little link from my page straight to yours and hope to read some more exciting blog entries! My son loves looking at your massive photos too, hope you and your family had a wonderful fathers day, god bless x Melissa

  2. Looks like a perfect time to me! LOVE the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Totally loving the pink peg dog....looks like everyone is having loads of fun!! Hope you are well ;)

  4. Don't you think we all need more holidays? Prefrerably in the sun with icecream.


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