Monday, October 11, 2010

Join The Caravan Of Love

Today I saved some ranunculus
There were 2 pots
Reduced at Big W
They looked so sad and forlorn
And just needed someone to take them home
Someone who would appreciate their loveliness
That someone
Me :)


It’s been a glorious day here today
So Lucy and I picnicked in the backyard
was NICE :)
Over the weekend Elizabeth and Lucy had 2 nights at ‘Poppy’s house’
and Megan and Jessica had a night away for a Guide camp
Dave and I… enjoyed some time together
Well after he got back from Sydney that is :)
I started this page while he was away, finished it off today


tried something new (new for me lol)
I used the ‘leftover’ bits from some chipboard stickers


Don’t really feel it ‘works’ for this page but I tried lol


I am you know!
So very :)

failed with the embossing too, but I tried ;)


What else…
I made some Chicken Madras last night
Oh the smell of the spices
I left out the cayenne pepper but it certainly needed something to kick it along
Everyone ate it
The moaners moaned a little but it all disappeared
The piggies didn’t moan but did give a seal of approval
Thinking I might make it again in the future
Maybe without the sauce
Maybe dry bake with all the spices…
Now we have a heap more spices to use up on something
I’m not complaining ;)
We also bought a smaller slow cooker on the weekend
Got it for even less than the On Sale price, yay
Hoping this pot will be better, for when I cook smaller amounts, as the meat has been a little dry lately
That’s all I can think of
So I am outta here :)

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  1. LOVING that page Sharmaine! I love love love love love that you used the cosmo chipboard background!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. oh that page is so yummy.
    love that chipboard background.
    pretty, pretty.
    did you get your package yet?

  3. Oh Sharmaine....just beautiful!!!! Love that chipboard!!!

    Wishing you a great day sweet friend!!!

  4. great post!!your blog is very nice!!!!!


  5. I LOVE your use of the chipboard packaging, it looks awesome.


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