Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Joys Of Parenting

or should this post be called  “when good things go bad”?
or should this post be called  “the one with lots and lots of photos”?
or should this post be called  “there is some scrapbooking at the end of this post”???

We are just back from a road trip

was just overnight but it was a nice time away
When I say nice I mean ummm it was mostly nice
And by mostly nice I mean everything started out nice
Like a picnic lunch at a playground
it was nice

till someone decided to run through a maze, fall over on the gravel and grazed both knees, an elbow and her lips…
Going to an indoor playcentre that has rooms for dressing up and imaginative play is all fun


till 2 people decide to play chasings and one runs into the play equipment and gets a bleeding nose…
Going for a walk across a suspension bridge is fantastic

till someone realises that she doesn’t like being high up on things that move

walking around the Launceston Gorge is beautiful

until someone realises that the sunshine is too warm for the thick jumper that they chose to wear,
rather than leave in the car,
and then gets grumpy because they have to carry it
and finally seeing gorgeous wildlife is all great

until you see a dinosaur

and have to run real fast so you don’t get eaten!!!

So there you are
The joy we had while on our little roadtrip Winking smile

I wanted to start sharing, with you, what I made with my January Polka Dot Whimsy kit
The kit is called City Life and it is full of the usual Polka Dot Whimsy goodness
Straight away I made 4 pages and in this post I will share with you 2 (the other 2 will be in my next post)


in the kit there were various sequins, which were ideal Christmas decorations on the page


and this fabric and it’s the cool little bits that sets PDW apart


perfect on this fabric, agreed??


and the journaling


my second page


and some details


gorgeous trim


lots for me to cut up and layer


and the journaling


and in the kit is a gorgeous ruffle flower that Michelle made, especially for this kit
I simply added a hair slide to the back and now someone loves wearing it


phew, long post!
Will leave you with a photo of my first EVER sunflower

Sunflowers make me smile Smile
and knowing you visited makes me smile too, so thank you Smile

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  1. Anonymous8:26 PM

    I loved the journey of this post Sharmaine! Really wonderful to read!

    I also just noticed that my name is still on the side of your blog, could you pretty please with a cherry on top link it to my new blog..

    Thanks a bunchly!

    I love that photo of your hubby and kids from the ground up, your so very creative I really must try that one day!

    - Mel

  2. Your trip sounds like some of our trips. Thanks for sharing. AND beautiful sunflower.

  3. i LOVE the post.. it is super fantastic.. the layouts are amazing but the photo story is the most bestest thing ever..thanks for sharing your wonderful eventful day...

  4. OHHHHHHHHHH what a fun post......Boy that trip was filled with adventure!!!

    Being a Momma can be the Best and yet so trying!!

    What stunning pics.....OHHHHHHHHH that sunflower is gorgeous...they are my favorite flower!!!

    I just adore the LO's...filled with the most wonderful detail!!!

    Love ya girlie!!!! You always make me smile!!! :-)

  5. hehehehehehe...isn't it fun being Mama??? LOL!! I loveeeeeeee the photos and love love love love the lo's...that clown one is PERFECTION!! LOVE IT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. I enjoyed this blog so much, brought back alot of memories, when my kids were younger....they are all the same and they bring joy to our hearts!!! But I am glad those days are over!!! Still smirking about your blog!!!


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