Friday, March 18, 2011

I Can’t Heat You In The Microwave

The last weeks challenge, for Aussie Scrap Source was to make your own embellishments
Because of the busy week we had I didn’t get to this challenge till the last minute
But I got there and it pushed me to make a page that had been in my head for a while


so the embellishment I made
was this layered one


a doily
a punched piece of old atlas paper
a punched piece of kraft envelope
a cover button that I added some stitches to
I also added some pressed flowers that were recently given to me




and the journaling, that had been kicking around my head for a while


in other news….
Someone had a hospital visit yesterday
She came home from school holding her arm close to her and telling me how someone had rolled over her wrist
So when Dave got home from school Jessica and I went in to wait in the Emergency ward
She has, thankfully, a green stick fracture, or as she calls it a speed bump in her bone.
We were home about 4 hours later with her arm bandaged and hoping that she looks after the arm Smile


After a long and busy day in the canteen, at school, I am looking forward to the weekend
and time to wind down before another busy week

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  1. Very creative layout Sharmaine..hope your daughters wrist gets better!!

  2. Love love that layered embellie. Great work. And the tags look awesome too.

  3. AMAZING journaling and loveeeeeeee the flower!! And glad her arm is ok! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. oh poor little girl, hope she's okay! My whole family came down with flu so I have been busy playing nurse maid. Enjoying your posts and layouts. This one especially. What an interesting year this will be!


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