Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Sure Do Make It Like A Sunny Day

The new “Make It Yourself”  challenge over at Aussie Scrap Source is to make your own flowers
This is the page I made


I made my flower using some scrap cardboard, some paint and a pompom, cut from some pompom trim


Had to use my bright and wonderful friend yellow as this page is all about sunflower seeds


and I had some fun making this page
With some paint, masking tape, string, buttons and I gave new life to an old envelope


oh and there is also some machine stitching a a touch of doodling on the page too, cos you know I love these


today I spent some of the day at the Southern Primary School Sports Association carnival
Jessica represented her school in one of the 100m races for her age group
I just love this photo that I snapped


that’s her in the front
and here she is again


with her ribbon
Last year she got a 4th ribbon so she keeps saying how she got her personal best Smile
Gotta love that!!

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  1. Love this LO...the paint and the string and buttons are perfect!!!

    Yay for a great day spent outdoors....Look at that...2nd place!!!!

    Wishing you a great day!!!!

  2. hi love...thanks for visiting me... no, I'm doing 100% yet... they say it takes time...and I hope that time is soon! LOL!! I love love love the lo...I loveeeeee the COLORS and that flower! And YAYYYYYYYY for 2nd place! That is FAB! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. ohkay..so first up...
    my sincere apologies for not coming here more often..and i cant understand or remember why i dont.. since you work is super dooper wowzers.. i love the funness {not sure if thats a REAL word but oh well}.. so on that note..
    you will be seeing me more...heheheee..
    oh and CRACK UP with the harry highpants... i remember doin that ALL the time.. yay.

  4. cant say I know the sunflower song...

  5. more amazingness in every layout. I want to sit and watch YOU create Sharmaine. I have a vacation coming up and there might be a trip to the post office to send a surprise to you! sadly Sharmaine unless I have some time off I cant seem to make it to the post office. sad really. :)

  6. gorgeous layout and great day spent outdoors.


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