Monday, May 09, 2011

I Have Confidence In Sunshine

Sometimes you get knocked down
but you’ve got to pick yourself back up again
dust yourself off and hold on to the fact that you are you for a reason
Sometimes that reason is obvious
Other times it’s not
but obvious or not you’ve got to be you in all you do
and I think that I do me rather well
I think that there are many times when people don’t get me, for whatever reason
I think that I am ok with that
I do question who I am
I do question who I am becoming
I wonder if people who see me, as I am now, will see me the same when I become the me that I am becoming
I made this page thinking about all of this, and more




Knowing that I am more than what I am now


used some favourite things to make the page
Brown paper bags are amazing things


and luggage tags are definitely underrated!


and there you have it
out there
On a platter
For you
Because I think it matters Smile

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  1. Amen! :) I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I am sure there are plenty of things you are meant to do. You are certainly appear to be a warm and caring and creative person. I think you are currently doing the best thing you can which is raising four strong creative girls. I have never done as much for my two as you do for your four. When they are older and more independent, you will find your niche. It's out there waiting for you. In the meantime, I will just peek in on your blog from time to time and enjoy a little sliver of your life.


  3. Im sure you would make an excellent soccer team manager???

    Marklin track designer or accessoriser?

  4. woot woot.. awesome work with the photo.. i think its most refreshing... wow..

    i think you think happy thoughts and keep that other side of your brain working and its FUN..

  5. hehe! i love the silliness of the photo and the serious subject. i LOvE your humor.
    isn't it wonderful how God has us exactly where we should be and then, BAM! He starts pulling on our heartstrings to grow us and use us in new ways. follow your heart. He knows your desires and will honor that as you honor Him!


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