Thursday, May 26, 2011

I See The Elephant Jump The Fence

I am sure Dave rolls his eyes every time I say I want to take a photo of something ‘not the normal thing you photograph”
and I am sure he will roll his eyes reading I wrote this
he will deny it I am sure
but I am sure he thinks I am a little batty at times
The other day, during a mega clean up,
I said “hey we can throw that out but first I want a photo cos there is a challenge about taking a photo of something before you throw it out”
Cocoa Daisy, in their spring crop had a challenge
I’ve missed the deadline but I just had to do this one because I wanted to 1. document the story and 2. clean up!


Job done!
my page about my Grandmother’s door snake/dog


not a biggy for most people but a memory for me


and then why the poor fellow had to go


Gotta love a challenge like that one, even if Dave does wonder what his wife was thinking Smile

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  1. Oh how I love this : )
    What a sweet story to document and I just love your page. I've become a real big fan of your's Sharmaine. You have a wicked style!!

  2. Love the story.....the LO is just awesome!!!!

    Love you sweet friend...wishing you a great day!!!

  3. You crack me up. I would do the same. My husband would think likewise.

  4. no comment...

  5. Love this! Great looking lo! The pic area looks neat and I love the paint!!!

  6. Nice! I like the rounded edges on this one! Sweet story!


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