Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review–Vaseline Dry Skin Lotion

I was a little excited to be invited to take part in my first Product Talk by Nuffnang
With 3 of our four girls suffering from dry skin and eczema I was eager to see if this ‘new’ product helped


The first thing I noticed, about the pack, was how comfortable the bottle was to hold
Sometimes these types of bottles are hard to hold or feel heavy
not this one
Its shape is wonderful to hold
The next thing I noticed was the lovely smell of the lotion
Again some of these products can be a bit whiffy on the nose
not this one

With the added vitamins A, E and B5 I was then interested to see how it would work on our drier skinned family members
For the 2 with the eczema it did help, with giving a little more life to the dry skin,
but didn’t help to relieve the itchiness, which is something I search for in the “perfect skin lotion” 
I will continue to use the lotion on the 2 with the drier skin
but for the one with more eczema I think we will still need to ‘attack’ the skin with something else

I used the lotion often too and it was especially good after my Friday in the school canteen
You know how it is
Canteen plays havoc with your hands
Hands in and out of the washing up water
Hands in and out of plastic gloves
Hands in and out of freezers and ovens
The poor hands get a real work out and they certainly gave a sigh of relief when I used the Vaseline lotion
and felt so much better afterwards
I would love to keep a small bottle of this in the car
as I can see it being rather useful
and any product that is readily available at the supermarket gets points from me!

Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post. I received complimentary bottle of Vaseline for review purposes and all opinions expressed are purely my own.

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  1. HI Sharmaine,
    A friend of mine had a child with really bad eczema. She told me that she gave her son Evening Primrose Oil. She buys the capsule types, squeeze out the oil into his food and after taking them, his condition improved. Don't know if you've heard about this. If not, google it. No harm giving it a try.

  2. Hi Sweet lady!!

    Have not been on here for a while. Just stopping by to say hello. Having 3 littel ones is mind draining. My hat goes off to you! :)
    Well...just saying hello to you and you littles. :)



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