Monday, August 15, 2011

I Don't Know Just Who To Blame For This Catastrophe!

Today Lucy lost her first tooth
Today Lucy lost my last first tooth
She went to bed last night ‘worried’ about loosing her first tooth
She came home for school excited about loosing her first tooth


We have a tradition
the first tooth is mine to buy
after that the tooth fairy can pay for them
so someone is a whole $2 richer tonight – Lucy
someone is a whole $2 poorer tonight – Dave lol
I didn’t have a $2 coin!
Took some photos to scrap
Will be my last ‘first tooth’ scrapbook page
Another milestone
Another childhood stage notched up
Another ending/beginning
Tonight Dave, Megan and I went to Megan’s high school information session
She is super excited about next year and all the possibilities high school offers
Another milestone
Another childhood stage notched up
Another ending/beginning
That was just the start of a new week
a week that is already looking like a see saw of milestones, life events, endings and beginnings

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  1. as a scrapbooking mum... I truly feel your pain... no tooth to scrap!! at least you have a story and the most beautiful face to scrap!!
    tooth fairy must be very busy - my son lost 2 teeth in one day!!

  2. ah yes, they joys of life changing before us! my baby girl is losing teeth too and my big girl is off to high school. How time fly's!


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