Friday, August 19, 2011

Starts You Asking A Daisy "What To Do, What To Do?"

I’ve had this blog post rolling around in my head for some time
It wasn’t lonely, there in my head, because there are quite a few ideas up there
some are just waiting for the right words
some are just waiting for the right time
and some just float away with many of my other thoughts
never to be retrieved, sad sad sad
Have you noticed a time in the day where you are the most creative?
a time where things flow out better than any other?
Have you noticed your creativity time?
I have
It’s almost always 1.30-2pm
the time when I am meant to be getting things ready so I can jump in the car for school pick up
I’ve wondered why I can’t be as creative at 9am
why I bottle those creative juices and use them at 11
but no
hit 1.30ish and I’m itching to create
and it all comes naturally
sometimes I am just too busy to heed the call to creativity
but not today
and I’m glad I listened
I haven’t created anything in a while
so it felt good to just play
a simple play
but a good one


played with some older Sassafras Lass papers
doodling and paint


my favourite alpha font right now is the American Crafts Sunrise thickers
I love that they are a little quirky AND that the pack comes with lots of lower and upper case letters


and I love my blue typewriter for helping me jot down this little moment in time


so have you noticed your creativity time?

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  1. This is a wonderful layout, I love that you used a typewriter for the journaling portion! That's so creative. :) I love to craft at night. There's something more special about it than crafting during the day, although I can't put my finger on it. :)


  2. Love the LO and my creative time is Friday and Saturday evening usually between 7.30 pm and about 10. If I go too late my brain turns to MUSH.

  3. oh I hear you there my time is around 4ish in the arvo when I should be thinking about dinner lol my hubby is the same so on weekends at tea time I am crafting and he is plane making, lucky weekends are easy dinners for us (and lucky the kids get fed :)
    I thought I was mad going all day feeling no creative urges and then it hits, glad I am not the only one. Belinda

  4. what a lovely layout, happy belated birthday to you girl and that typed journal on the tag is amazing. So creative and love the doodle and paint you did on this page! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi there,
    the Layout i simple but beautiful. And with me it is just the same... most creative I am during night time ... but then I ought to sleep because of alle the daytime-duties.... I think it will be better when we are old and grey and can?t sleep anyway *lol*. Hugs and a wonderful weekend Myriam

  6. love the layout! :)


  7. beautiful LO..glad she had a lovely day! love those cabochons!! :) x


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