Wednesday, August 24, 2011

With Tangerine Trees And Marmalade Skies

Yesterday I was here 
chauffeuring and supervising 10 Grade 6 kids
It was a good day
in the sun
My face is now sunburnt
Today I have had 1 little chicky at home with a sore throat
well, not quite at home
we had a doctors appointment this morning,
to find she has a viral infection and seems to be on the mend,
we then had trips to the bank, post office and supermarket.
she picked the wrong day to be sick lol
or maybe not
she had sushi and ice cream for lunch
and then used the sushi container for some craft work
and made a munching monster


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  1. Hope she feels better soon. Despite having a sick chicky at home, you appear to have achieved a lot.

  2. We used to love sick days as you got mom all to yourself!

  3. hope she is better and so are you! Your stories and musings tug at my heart so much Sharmaine. I wish we lived close and not so very far away. Have a good day when you read this/or night :)


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