Monday, September 19, 2011

Pease Pudding and Saveloys!

The girls just love cooking shows
and they just love playing restaurants and shops
Over the weekend we watch Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals
We watched an episode we had watched before
so tonight I pulled out my copy of his book


and cooked an altered version of his Peri Peri chicken and smashed sweet potato


I didn’t have all the ingredients but it was still delicious
and Jessica, who doesn’t like chilli, ate it and wanted more
Today the sun was out and it’s been quite mild
So, for the first time in a long time, the girls played outside from the moment we got home till dinnertime
Megan had a restaurant

Yes she whistles while she works lol
Jessica a herb shop


yes it was a la-dee-da shop
and Elizabeth claimed her favourite spot in the backyard
and had a shop, with a counter


Lucy was the customer and lugged a handbag between the three
So thankful for sunshiny afternoons like these

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  1. Love seeing the girls play together, that's lovely : )
    I claim to be one of Jamie's biggest fans. To me he has to be the perfect man. I love his books. That Peri Peri is one of our family faves.
    We've done it as a whole chicken on the spit on the barby too. Yum!! x

  2. love the la-dee-da shops :)
    we love this book too..and had Jools pasta on the weekend..will have to try the Peri Peri chicken now after seeing yours! Gx

  3. Hi! Your layout is beautiful, I always love your journaling and those photos of the girls are gorgeous and thanks for sharing!


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