Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You Stay The Course You Hold The Line You Keep It All Together

If you have followed my blog for a length of time you will know that I talk on all manner of topics
and toilet paper has been a topic that got a lengthy look in
do a search on my blog if you don’t believe me lol
So when there was a Product Talk by Nuffnang offer to review Cottonelle Kleenex toilet paper I was thankful for the opportunity


I don’t know about you but on a typical day our household go through at least a roll a day
and Australians use over 30.7 billion metres of toilet paper each year
so it is great to see a product that keeps this in mind and does something about it
Kleenex Cottonelle promote sustainable forest management
and with a little panda on it’s packaging it gets a big tick from this family, who has at least one panda lovin’ child
the other very cool thing about the packaging is the gorgeous Labrador puppy
He is there because Kleenex Cottonelle has a long history of supporting Guide Dogs Australia
Also on the packaging, I noticed, is the fact that Kleenex Cottonelle toilet paper was safe to use in septic tanks
and being biodegradable was perfect
because our paper arrived just in time to take a sample to Mum and Dad’s shack, which has a septic system
With 11 bottoms at the shack I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get some umm feedback
Comments from the weekend were “it’s good”, “it’s soft” and “it’s nice”
just what you need for toilet paper feedback I guess lol
A few things I did note where:

* I have tried this toilet paper before
  and didn’t like it
  last time I found the paper was soft but had little balls of fluff paper all over the rolls
  and imagine, if you will (or won’t) what that leaves behind in your behind…
  but this pack was different
  no more soft balls of paper
  good to see they have obviously solved that problem

* that the paper doesn’t tear off right along the perforation mark
   It will rip along part then tear off under the perforation
   Not a biggy unless you are a perforation perfectionist in the lavatory
   but I noticed

* this toilet paper is so soft and thick that it bounces
   which is great if you drop it when the toilet lid is down
   doesn’t change things when it’s up though lol

* the last piece of paper stays stuck on the roll
   and in my book too much glue in the loo is a bad thing
   I don’t like wasted toilet paper and with the sustainable claims I liked it less

* it truly is lightly scented
   it doesn’t have that over powering “hi I am toilet paper” smell
   refreshing… if you get my drift lol

So that’s the scoop on my poopy paper review and I am grateful for the opportunity to try this Aussie made product
Thanks Nuffnang

Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post. I received complimentary pack of toilet paper for review purposes and all opinions expressed are purely my own.

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  1. but can it be made into art?! inquiring minds want to know!!!

    I'm glad (?) that TP makes you think of me!!! LOL!!! and thanks for the review, I'm out and I'll have to check out the cottonelle!!!

    : .)


    p.s. my friend Kathy remarked that you did a good job using my name as a noun, a verb, and an adjective! I did a post on *my* blog about our fb convo! : .)

  2. Laughed and laughed through that one! Too much glue in the loo? I love that the review was so detailed, hee hee! p.s. DH had a good laugh too :-))


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