Sunday, October 09, 2011

He Found His Aroma Lacked A Certain Appeal

I love when I can add a little bit of my past
onto a page about now
a page about one of the girls
Love it
and this page is one of those


Elizabeth had made a worry doll at school
A gorgeous one it was
and it sparked a memory, for me
as I had seen them before


different to hers
but still the same


so I documented it all


using my worry dolls as dot points for the journaling


My new favourite page

This afternoon we (or rather Dave) rearranged the lounge room
It’s now in a more Christmas tree friendly arrangement
ready for 53 days time
December 1
when the Christmas tree can go up
Although it probably won’t be then
It’s usually on a free weekend before school holidays start
But Dave will make a start on ALL the Christmas lights before then

Not long to go!!
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  1. Looks lovely a good way to remember a day. The dolls are a bit scary lol.

  2. Sharmaine I was just thinking about our living room as well and trying to figure out what we would do. This is our first Christmas here. I feel so blessed and lucky to have bought this place but it is tiny and where oh where will a tree fit? Bill suggested a mini tree on a table top......I just looked at him like he had lost his mind. A mini tree?? seriously?? no way. I don't care about presents but I love a tree.

  3. not sure I like the title of this post!

  4. Love all the details on this page :-)


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