Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The People Walk In Crooked Lines

Won’t tell you that we’ve been busy
will just let you guess that we have

Today I went to watch Megan and Jessica at the Interprimary school swimming carnival
Jessica was meant to swim in the backstroke event but got swapped to the freestyle
You could just see her go “ooh” when she was told
I could just see her thinking… me…. freestyle… oh well! lol
Anyway it didn’t phase her too much because she swam really well and…


please don’t ask about the cap on the cap… It’s Jessica and you’re better off not pondering it too hard
It might hurt if you did!!
Megan swam in the backstroke and also the backstroke leg for the medley relay
She came second for both


and is now off to the Champions swim carnival held next month
AND she is very VERY happy to have the chance to do so!
It still has me in awe, how far she has come. Just over 3 years ago she would have got upset about going in the water
She amazes me!

Yesterday I spied a blog post about my blog post
I think that is a little bit awesome!

The other days…
I’ve been busy playing with the “Bed and Breakfast” kit from Cocoa Daisy 
I can’t tell you how cool this kit is!
I also purchased a few add ons (Wicker & Wine + Country Store), which are equally cool
and now I can share a sneak or two


the stamp in the main kit is GORGEOUS!


And if you like crops and challenges make sure you note the 11-13th November on your calendar
Cocoa Daisy is celebrating 5 years and the Fall Crop is going to be JAM PACKED with amazing inspiration
It’s my first crop and I’ll be running my first challenge
Here’s a sneak of what I have up my sleeve for you


See told you I wouldn’t tell you we’ve been busy

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  1. Congrats to the girls on their success at the swim meet. I know you are very proud.

    As far as the swim caps go, if she is happy, that is what matters. My daughter and she are very similar.

  2. these are gorgeous sharmaine and your girls are adorable! well done on their events!


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