Tuesday, October 04, 2011

She Dreams In Colour, She Dreams In Red

Every now and then someone will bring home a work book from school
One that is full after all their work
So far this year Lucy has brought home 3 writing books
I think she likes writing and drawing lol
These books are filled with
1. ‘recount’, where they write, in their own words, a story they were read in class and draw a picture
2. ‘news’, a story of their own, something that’s happened in their week/weekend

As I flicked through the pages I realised how special these were and I couldn’t help but smile
So I thought I’d share some with you so you might smile too






Special stuff I tell ya!

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  1. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Aww bless! I can't wait for my big girl's writing to be advanced enough for little stories too.

    BTW, I just wanted to say 'thanks for posting'. I read your blog regularly on my phone but sadly it doesn't allow me to leave comments. I always feel inspired!! Keep posting hun, there are plenty of us here who read and can't comment but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy it any less!

    Thanks again for the inspiration

  2. I LOVE "They had a special tea. They had soup and other food." aww... Brilliant girl!!! (I would have talked about the food too! And of course, I love Eddie! hee!)

    Happy Day, Sharmaine!!! : .)

  3. Cute! What is a girlfiend and boyfriend anniversary??!

  4. Aww thank you Scrappydiva, VERY MUCH APPRECIATED :)
    Phin, of course :)
    Mel, it's our "the date we started going out" anniversary. When we told Lucy it was our going out anniversary she got upset because she thought we were going out and that my Mum would babysit them. So I called it our boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary and she was ok with that because we didn't go out lol


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