Thursday, November 17, 2011

You Look Like A Monkey

How was your day?
Mine was a hospital filled one
More on that in a minute
When I uploaded the photos, that I wanted to blog with
I really wondered about what photo to share first
You see the first photo is the one people see first
it is the one that might draw you in
or turn you off
so I decided to go with this one
and left the ‘other one’ for last


this is my hybrid page for Tracy Martin Scrapbook Designs using her very cool Celebrate kit


perfect for photos from Dad’s “Surprise party”


as he hammed it up for the camera!


The ‘other’ photo
Tomorrow we say goodbye to these


See those horrid tonsils??
Tomorrow they come out
This morning Elizabeth and I had her pre-admission appointment
She was given a lollipop, a stamp on each hand, a magazine and had the man at reception say what a well mannered girl she was
After her appointment we went shopping for some operation day supplies
A colour in book, some textas, a reading book and a new Littlest Pet Shop
She isn’t too fazed by the thought of tomorrow
I know this might change post op
I’m hoping everything goes smoothly

This afternoon I was back at the hospital
this time for an appointment for Megan
She’d had one on Monday
but was back today for a skin biopsy
today they took a 3mm cylinder shaped chunk
Megan was so brave
I am so proud of her
She now has a stitch on her palm
They took it from a spot where her skin has hardened
We go back in over a week for the results and hopefully moving on to the real reason we went there
To get some help
To arm Megan with information

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  1. sandra4:24 PM

    oh my! yikes! i'm glad those tonsils are coming out!!! she will be a much happier girl.


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