Monday, January 09, 2012

Leave The Cobwebs In The Closet

Would you like a tour of my scrap room??
Would you like a peek?
I’m sharing because I like it

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  1. That is fabulous. It is wonderful you have such a great space and have it all so organised.

  2. Damn, I can't see it :( I hoped seeing it would stop my procrastinating over cleaning mine. I'm sure it's inspiring.

  3. wow this is an awesome room!
    I love all your stuff especially your new shelf!!!
    I wish I had a room....I miss mine. Have to love that thickers are your to. Waiting on a big box with a couple hundred of them for the shop...wish it would hurry up!

  4. Great Scrap area! and wow you do love Thickers :) Oh and I have a handy tip for you if you want to keep a clean desk. I clean up after every scrap session, I do this and its like working with a clean slate every time. :) Good luck with your new and improved scrap area ;)

  5. Jodee, I have posted the video over on facebook and it's on youtube, if that helps at all :)

  6. Kylie, I clean up after each page too :)


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