Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Minds Are Subject To What Should Be Done

Had fun with the January Kraft It Up Challenge
Love colour combo challenges
Ones that restrict what you play with
So I created this page


I also created a video of me creating this page
If you’d like to see
You can

If not here is a close up


and the journaling


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  1. Anonymous2:00 PM


    And am loving the vids too!

  2. This is an awesome page.
    I just did my KIU page in the early hours of this morning(couldn't sleep) but I LOVE yours!

  3. Fantastic video - really enjoyed watching your design process. Love your layout too - the misting is super FAB!

  4. That was very cool. Do you know what you want to do before you start? Just wondering as that is usually the thing that takes me longest. Working out what I want to use and where I am heading. You also seemed to even know Where you wanted everything to go, that also takes me AGES. A video of me could take several hours!!

  5. Hi Anne :) Nope, I never have a plan for how the page will look. I mostly start with an idea of what I want to say and the rest just follows. Might do a video on that process....

  6. that is fabulous. Loved watching it and you made it look so effortless.

    Love the rolling of the mist. Might have to put my old paper towel roll aside next time :)

  7. Sharmaine how wonderful to watch your creative process. I love how you just go for it, glueing it down. I never glue my stuff down right away, it drives me crazy. your studio is so perfect and listening to your voice makes me want to come and have coffee with you. me with my blue cup. you with your red one. :)

  8. love watching people scrap!!! love your layout. :)

  9. I enjoy regularly stopping by....

  10. Loved your video & I love your page too. Cheers Di xoxo

  11. Ooh Sharmaine that was a real treat. You g
    Have a lovely soothing voice on video and I loved how you put the page together so effortlessly. Can u teach me how to make a video??? :-0)

  12. wow this is amazing, love it all! and how clever of you to use a alpha stencil! love it xx :)
    hope you and your family are keeping well hun xxoo


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