Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You Bring Feeling To My Life

The lovely Paula was one of the people to stop by, and leave a comment, during the Cocoa Daisy blog hop
I returned the love and had left a comment on her blog
and she had mentioned that maybe I could try her challenge
So I did.
I made this page (excuse the raindrops that fell on the page while I took the photo)


I used bits and pieces from the March Cocoa Daisy kit with a mix of things I already had


cut up some My Minds Eye stickers


and cut up my dymo tape


Can you see the journaling??


If you can’t it says:
”Megan loved Sydney because there seemed to be an ice cream shop on every corner!
She was all excited when we found the first one but by the last day she was very over it all and couldn’t look at them.
Oh and we won’t mention the three ice creams that she ate in one day!”

Thanks Paula for the inspiration to create!

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  1. Wonderful! Cracking up at the journaling :) Love how the dymo tape looks like that (making mental note to try it, just as soon as I find my dymo!!)

  2. I love that you get so much on to your page without it becoming busy and without any one bit getting lost. Love it.

    [I also love ice cream!! :)]

  3. Brilliant I love this!

  4. Very creative and imaginative, love it!


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