Friday, November 09, 2012

And A Smile Means Friendship To Everyone

This week has been a whirlwind.
A good whirlwind.
We were blessed to have the gorgeous Michelle Jacquemet, from San Francisco, come stay with us.
She was visiting Australia and I had said if she got this far we would have a bed waiting for her.
So for 2 nights she was our guest and we had a lovely time.
The girls LOVED having her here and I really enjoyed spending time showing her around.
We started at Mount Wellington,
With the wind and the cloud

We also spent some time viewing the wildlife
The Tasmanian Devil


A Koala, who was far to eager to pose


I introduced Michelle to the Emu


and she quickly realised why I passed on feeding them


But she had no problem feeding the Kangaroo, who was too lazy to get up and be fed!


and speaking of fed…
Michelle was brave enough to try some local delights.
We introduced her to Tim Tams and Milo, which of course led to Tim Tam slams.
I think she liked this because she wanted more the next day (hehehe)
And right before she left we found some Potato Cakes, Dim Sims and a chiko roll

Yep, we fed her the good stuff!
She is now continuing her Australian trip in a warmer state, but we really enjoyed having her visit.
Hopefully our paths will cross again!
Before Michelle got here I had started a page inspired by the latest Kraft It Up challenge.
Today I finally got around to 1. cleaning my scrap desk and 2. photographing my page


I used up scraps from the November Cocoa Daisy kit


I packed up my kit today, I was surprised I only had 3 pieces of pattern paper that I hadn’t cut into!
Just shows how cool that kit is!!


Love that chicken wire Crafter’s Workshop stencil


And speaking of NUTZ… is the end of year busy hitting you yet?
Last weekend I bought a desktop calendar for 2013
It has nice big spaces for each of the days and I’m already making notes of things to write on it.
What is next year looking like for you?
Are you already making plans?
Do you have any big things happening in 2013??


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  1. That Koala should have been a catalogue model! What a poser!
    Lovely layout, as always

  2. Grandma8:49 AM

    Thanks for sharing the time you had with your friend you are all extremely good hosts and tourist guides and I know that because I have experienced it

  3. love that template too, i havent worked with texture paste, but it looks cool!!

  4. Love this layout, that background looks good enough to eat :)

  5. Just stunning Sharmaine :)

  6. Wow. Love your layout, that chicken wire stencil is the bomb and your paper strips look great. So glad you only fed your visitor the good stuff, who would say no to Tim Tams and milo? Love it all x

  7. Love this! Both the texture on the background and the layering!!! Thanks for playing along at KIU!

  8. I love this post! I sent it to my mom and showed all my friends. You and the fam are fabulous and gracious hosts! I can't wait to return the favor. Love the lo too!


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