Tuesday, November 27, 2012

REVIEW: Simply Clean

Do you ever have a moment when you hear of an idea
and it is just so simple that it makes you wonder why someone hadn’t thought of it before?
When the lovely Sarah, from Wordstorm, emailed me recently I read the email and had one of those moments.
Do you ever have a moment when you watch, and break out in a cold sweat,
as a cloth you use to wipe down the dinner table gets used to clean a mess off the floor?
I read that email and thought of those moments.
Enter Simply Clean

An Australian innovation, Victoria Fulford is the brains behind this genius idea.
She is a Mum of 3 so she totally gets the need for “clean” but also understands the need for simple.

“Simply Clean is a new and innovative company that specialises in a range of cleaning products
designed to promote safe hygiene practices in the home and office and help protect users from the risks of bacteria
The range is divided into Kitchen, Bathroom and Microfibre Clothes
and more specifically, each product is individually labelled and colour-coded to indicate which area and surface it is to be used for.”


Each range comes packaged with all you need for one particular area or cleaning need.
The Kitchen range


has all you need to wipe, absorb, scrub and mop


and each range will tell you where the cleaning cloths are meant for


and then all that’s left to do is call in the eager cleaners


and because it’s all labelled you know that the table won’t be cleaned with the same cleaner as the floor


The colours are fun and the labels are a large font, making it easy for the beginner reader to understand what is used where


The microfibre cloths are soft and ready to be used on all manner of household items


and dusting is always nicer when you use a pink dusting cloth…. right?


and last, but not least, the bathroom


No longer do you have to wonder where the cleaning cloth was before it cleaned the bathroom sink
each cloth is colour coded so you know if it’s for the floor, bathroom or toilet
I love that the toilet cleaning sponge is bright red, like a warning light!!


and, again, I love that everything is labelled in a nice big font, makes it all fun!


These products certainly make cleaning more fun for kids
and it gives a Mum the peace of mind, knowing that the products are being used where they are meant to be.
Simply Clean products are sold in Woolworths nation-wide, RRP $6.99. For more info, go to www.simplyclean.me
As for other cleaning costs… well that just depends on how much you have to pay bribe entice barter your cleaning staff with!

Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post. I received 3 packets of cleaning products, for review purposes, and all opinions expressed are purely my own.

Please note: The reindeer wasn’t harmed in anyway during the testing of the cleaning products :0)
These photos were taken after attending a Christmas BBQ, hence the face paint.
Also Elizabeth and Jessica had been to a Guide camp so that’s why one is wearing a Guide top and the other PJs ;0)


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