Sunday, December 09, 2012


A little while back I had an email from the lovely Jen at Brand New Solutions
She was asking if I would like to try “Wonder Winnie”.
Created by the producers of Nudie Juices
these gorgeous beauties are perfect for summer


Naturally sweetened with stevia, water based, low calorie AND guess what… they taste REALLY GOOD!
AND they really do quench your thirst.

We were given Cranberry and Apple (with Aloe Vera), Raspberry and Cranberry (with Rosehip) and Grapefruit (with Ginkgo Biloba)
Our favourite flavour, hands down, was the Raspberry and Cranberry
You could even see the raspberry seeds, just so you knew it was REAL FRUIT!
Our least favourite was the… you might have guessed it… Grapefruit


But it didn’t have the tartness of grapefruit, it just tasted… well… grapefruity!
There are two more flavours available, in the 250mL range, Apple and Lemon (with Guarana) and Cranberry, Apple and Lemon (with Echinacea)
Did you notice the “added extras”?

Ginkgo Biloba helps with memory, cognition and concentration
Echinacea helps with colds and flus
Guarana contains caffeine and is used as a natural stimulant
Rosehip helps to hydrate the skin, among lots of other good things
Aloe Vera juice is meant to be great for the digestive system

You have the chance to win 4x1L bottles of Wonder Winnies!!

Wonder Winnie 1L_72dpi_rgb

So leave a comment, along with your name and a contact email address and 2 lucky people will win 4 1L bottles to try.
Entries close 9am Thursday (13 December 2012)
Winners will be announced soon after on Thursday.
Only entries with an email address will be in the running to win,
as I will need to make contact because your address details will be needed in order to have the prize mailed to you.
If I don’t hear from the winners within 24 hours of the announcement I will draw a new winner.
Only open to Australian entries.

Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post. I received 3 bottles of Wonder Winnies, for review purposes, and all opinions expressed are purely my own



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  1. claire

    Hope I'll be picked ;)

    Nice article and blog btw

  2. looks yummmy yummy....I love that your girls will give anything a try!!

  3. These look like they would make perfect bases for cocktails or smoothies too.


  4. Hey they look great :-) I'm with Natalie - worth a try for cocktails :-)

  5. oooh would love to give these a try! You're so lucky! xoxo

  6. Oh on a day like today grabbing one of these out of the fridge would be so refreshing! Oh and poured over crushed ice!!! Yummy



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