Tuesday, December 04, 2012

REVIEW: Dettol Touch of Foam Wash

Product Talk by Nuffnang recently had a call out to review Dettol’s new Touch of Foam Wash
I threw my hand up straight away and was, happily, chosen to try it out.
The New Dettol Touch of Foam Wash comes in three unique fragrances, Jasmine & Almond Dream, Rose & Cherry in Bloom and
Wild Berry Bliss.
We were sent the Rose and Cherry in bloom.
It smells D.E.V.I.N.E. !!!


Now the difference with using the foam to soap or liquid soap is???
That the foam expands, which means you can get an all over cover.
The “micro-bubbles” also leave your hands feeling super soft and squeaky clean.
You know that because it’s a Dettol “Kills 99.9% of germs” product you’re also getting your hands sanitized!
But the real reason I was so excited about this review
was because it meant that our little gardener has no more excuses for having dirty hands
the foam makes it fun for kids to wash their hands too


and it’s super easy
AND by using the foam they can see if they have washed all the soap off


Clean hands, happy Mum!!

All variants are available in a convenient 250mL pump and a value 500mL refill

Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post. I received 1 bottle of Dettol Touch of Foam Wash, for review purposes, and all opinions expressed are purely my own

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