Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Anything Can Happen

With the closing of 2012 I was pondering what my One Little Word for the new year would be.
What would be the word to carry me into the next year.
Thinking of what I wanted to take from the old year and what I wanted from the new.
A word that would encompass what I want to achieve for 2013.
A word that would centre me throughout the year.
There were a few things that sparked for me.

Firstly was the song that the class, I had been working with, used for their end of year performance.
Listen to the song, rather than watch the video (it’s a bit umm gruesome in parts)

Then there were the lyrics for Mary Poppins song

and then came Christmas.
Christmas is a time for believing.
For us, it’s a time for celebrating what we believe in.
and for Kids it is a time for believing they have been good and that Santa will deliver.
So with all this in mind I arrived at my word for 2013….


I am believing for a year of possibilities.
I am hoping for a year of growth, believing those around me will grow too.
I am wanting a year of believing in myself, a growing confidence in my ability.
I am expecting a year of amazing opportunities, believing that I will open and ready for these.


I believe that this year I will have time for Dave and I.
I believe that this year I will care for my family in strong, healthy ways.
I believe that this year I will be creative.
I believe that this year I will stay focused on what matters and let slide the things that don’t.


In 2013 I believe anything can happen.
I am excited.
I am ready.
And I believe.


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  1. It will be a pleasure to be on the ride with you...

  2. That is my word too.... let's make it happen!! :)


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