Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Efficiency And Forethought Cut The Jobs In Half

One of the people I was blessed to meet at CHA was Nat
I’ve “known” Nat for a few years and it never ever entered my head that I would catch up with her at CHA
So when I saw her I was overwhelmed, tearily so!
I didn’t even think to take a photo I have swiped Nat’s instagramed photo
And used it for this page


which I shared on the Cocoa Daisy blog
I’ve used pieces from the January Cocoa Daisy kits


including the cool packing card


and added some glitter because the day seemed very glitter-filled


and Nat was very much a cherry on top of the glittery day.


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  1. So excited for you and wow, you have scrapped CHA pics really quick. That is fabulous.

  2. BEAUTIFUL LO of you two!!!! I remember Nat from SIS. :) What a fantastic group of women.

    Love the Dymo labeling!

  3. ahhhhh - it was sooo awesome to meet you girl! Finally after all those years! Love the layers and glitter sprinkles! Huge hugs my friend - I hope it won't be that many years again before we see each other again !!!

  4. Anonymous8:21 PM

    what a great photo of you both!
    i love the layout. all the paint and layers are so fun!

  5. You are a lucky girl!! CHA - How awesome! Divine candy for my eyes :)

  6. This is amazing Sharmaine! Love the layers and colours!


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