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<><><> Winner Announcement <><><>
Because she feels like a gerbil in a wheel
The winner is DENISE!!
Congrats, will forward your email address to the Personal Planner people.
Lists, diaries, calendars… all a necessary part of my life.
New Years Eve I have a little ritual.
I sit down and fill in the calendars for the new year,
writing in birthdays, anniversaries and upcoming appointments.
We have quite a few calendars in our house and I write up these things in two of them.
I also feel semi-naked without a diary.
I keep it in my handbag and it gets checked often.
I write in play dates, birthday parties, appointments, work days, holiday dates.
And lists….
Don’t get me started on lists!
I could write a list of my lists
But I won’t!!!
So imagine my delight when I learnt about Personal Planner

Personal Planners allows you to design your own planner
You have a choice of 4 sizes
From small (11x14cm) to a large one (A5 size, 16x21cm)


You can change the colour and text of the front/back cover as well as inlay
Keep it simple with a plain cover
you can spice it up by choosing on of the gorgeous designs available on the site.
you can add your very own photo or digital design.
Isn’t that the coolest?
But wait there is more!


You get to choose the start date of the planner
You can have a printed page with owner information
You can personalise the pages at the back, with optional year overview
It includes a plastic sleeve and ruler that doubles as page marker
You can add boxes for to-do lists, gym sessions, preschool, idea of the week (I Love this idea!) or even… the weather!
You can have your friend’s and family member’s birthdays added to the inlay directly from Facebook
(oh the brain strain this would ease!)
The postage price is included in the cost!

But wait there is more!!
They make planners but they also make personalised Notebooks!
How super cool is that!?!?!
Almost as cool as this…
You could win your very own planner!!
Yes that’s right!
The lovely people from Personal Planner AU are giving away a $45 gift card to one lucky person.

To enter all you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me what design you would choose.
Would you keep it plain or would you snazz it up with a photo of your own?
Check out all the cool designs at
Have a little play and see the endless possibilities available
and make sure you like them on their Facebook Page
Entries are open till midnight on Tuesday 5th March.
The girls will help me choose a favourite comment
and I will announce the winner on Wednesday 6th.
Make sure you leave an email address so I can pass on your details to Personal Planner.
International entries are happily accepted.
Prize can not be exchanged for money.

Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post.
I will receive a $45 gift card for hosting the giveaway, and all opinions expressed are purely my own

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  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    I would love this personal planner as I have neglected to purchase a diary, I would choose to make mine funky looking but adding my own style to the front. Love the name option !

  2. What a wonderful idea. I adore this.
    Your layouts below are so stunning Sharmaine.
    love the beach photo.
    missing you.
    I feel a bit like a gerbil on a wheel.

  3. Oh I LOVE these
    Love the photo on the cover - reckon thats what I'd go for!

  4. Allison Winchester6:00 PM

    So for a notebook addict like me this is the perfect totally in love with it and wish I had found it sooner!!!!! I would definably choose a notebook and would like it to look a little quirky looking for a geeky girl like me!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this site sharmaine


  5. Wow. These organisers look amazing. I'm starting uni this year after 8 years off so this would definitely be so handy for me. And I would have to create something fun, bright and I inspiring to help me get through the year.

    Thanks for an amazing give away. :)


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