Sunday, April 28, 2013


“Puts your insides to sleep” is how Jessica described Chillax.
It’s sort of true.
Chillax is a natural sleep drink from Vitality Brands.

You can read all about the ins and outs of the natural “sleep drink”,
and how it can help you relax and sleep better, on their site.
But what I wanted to tell you was what I found

Lets start with the taste.
The Montmorency cherry flavour had me worried from the get-go.
I’m not a huge “cherry flavour” fan.
But this was natural flavour rather than the mimic.
It was a bit on the tart side
But if you swallowed it down you didn’t really notice.
The box does say you can water it down,
But really why make the moment last longer??!!
Then comes the burning issue…
Does it work??
Well, because it’s safe for kids,
I gave it to Megan, who has always had issues falling to sleep.
I must say it didn’t really help with that.
But it certainly did help in the morning.
She woke refreshed and ready to go,
rather than the usual sluggish “I hate mornings” routine.
My own experience wasn’t too different.
My dilemma, though, was I woke through the night
(the typical bladder call scenario)
And had problems getting back to sleep.
I felt like my brain was clear (relaxed) but I just didn’t feel sleepy.
So this is where I thought “hey this really works”!
I wasn’t stressed, I wasn’t tired, I was chillaxed!
My problem was that at 3am it probably wasn’t the right time to feel like that!
I finally did drift back to sleep
and when I (re)awoke I was still feeling refreshed.
I think Chillax would be perfect for the night-before-a-stressful-day,
Exam time for Uni students for example,
As it would allow their brain/bodies the down time needed to function fully the next day.
It certainly helped me function better the next day!

Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post. I received 12 bottles of Chillax,
for review purposes, and all opinions expressed are purely my own


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