Thursday, May 30, 2013

You Don`t Need To Be Profound In Fact Don`t Speak

Quite some time ago I was asked to do some Guest work for the online store Purple Pumpkin 
I created a card and a layout.
When I created the page I just let loose and played.


Inspired by Kim Price’s use of mist and water
I played


Adding some scribbles here and there


Because that’s how I play


Adding dots of embellishments as I went
Because what’s not to like about embellishments?!


And I like where my “play” ended up


Thanks Purple Pumpkin for the opportunity to create and share.
You can see my Guest spot post on the Purple Pumpkin blog here
Make sure you just let loose and play when you next get some creative time.
You might surprise yourself!


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  1. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Great layout. It looks so planned I wouldn't have guessed you were just having fun. The scribbles make this layout! Sadly, I'm not sure if I have the courage to let lose and start scribbling on my creations :)

  2. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Definately love those scribbles!!! Looks fab:-)

  3. I am somewhere between 'tidy' and 'messy' when it comes to scrapbook. This definitely gives me inspiration for being 'relax' and 'don't be afraid' feeling. Thanks for sharing.


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